Typosphere (Typewriter Printed Text Images)

Artist Notes

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Artist Notes

Each typed page is a one of a kind treasure. Nothing like it will ever exist again.

The typosphere is blogging with images of paper with typed print on it, typed on a real typewriter. My first pages weren’t blog posts, by more of a highly-varied impersonal diary. I would type something each day, sometimes to get in the mood to write short stories, and sometimes to document in print the plain goings on in my house and in my mind at the time.

I love my typewriter. It is a Brother Opus 888 Tabulator, 1967, light blue, and in almost perfect working order. I bought it for $3 at a flea market.

As soon as you type, the words are being printed instantly by the letter! The letter is typed, and there is no going back. Your work is printed right away, and becomes a finished product right before your eyes. You had better know what to type, and compose your thoughts in your head first, before printing them down on paper.

Even if the same thing is typed over and over on endless amounts of paper, you would not have the same page twice. Each page, because of imperfections, faded letters, double type, missing letters, and a myriad of other possibilities, would be a one of a kind artwork.

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